Blooms in Autumn

Carol Jensen
Thu, 03 Nov 2005 08:38:45 PST
At 14:31 02-11-2005, J.E. Shields wrote:
>Hi all,
>Alpine houses seem to be a no-go here in my climate.  Impossible to keep 
>cool in summer, and deep freezes in winter.  This is sadly a limiting 
>factor when we try to translate the recommendations of English garden books 
>into our own gardens.
>Bulb frames have been suggested, to ward off the summer rains when trying 
>to grow dry-summer bulbs here.  I've not tried one, as I fear the heat will 
>override the protection from moisture.  Opening a bulb frame up enough to 
>keep it somewhat cool would let in a lot of rain.  Besides, I think our 
>hot, humid summer nights are the worst culprits for growing those 
>dry-summer bulbs here.  If anyone in a similar climate has any suggestions 
>for what I might try here in central Indiana, I'd be most grateful for them.
>Jim Shields
>in central Indiana (USA)
>USDA cold zone 5
>AHS heat zone 6
>3 inches (75 mm) precipitation per month (more or less)

Yes, Jim. Denmark is not at all so hot as Indiana, but very wet, like Ireland, in the summer. Nothing rots if you plant it on raised beds of good compost (compost is "crumby" and lets rain through).

This is homemade compost - purchased compost can have horrible stuff in it!


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