Scilla hughii

Angelo Porcelli
Thu, 24 Nov 2005 09:55:10 PST

Scilla hughii is yet similar to Scilla peruviana, but has some features that tells it apart with a rather wide 'safe' margin. The leaves are wider than perviana, almost triangular in young plants and a bit shorter. Leaf base is pigmented (purplish) as well as the flower stalk and the bracts and flowers are actually a deeper blue with a shade of purple too. But the easiest feature to compare with peruviana is the bracts lenght, which are by far longer than peruviana.
In this link there's one of the very few decent photos of the true hughii… 
and bracts are well visible but the flowers colour is a bit pale, maybe too sun.
I am always a bit sceptical when I hear someone growing Scilla hughii, because it is endemic of a small island offshore Sicily, not a very popular holiday place and in the case it is just in summer, when plants have  already 'disappered' from the view of holiday plants collectors !
Unless they are plants propagated from documented wild origin stock, I believe those claimed hughii are just some strong clones of peruviana. Not to mention that they will hybridize readily in cultivation if grown closely.

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