Potting up seedling brunsvigias?

johngrimshaw@tiscali.co.uk johngrimshaw@tiscali.co.uk
Wed, 30 Nov 2005 02:07:33 PST
 My advice would be not to disturb the seedlings for a few years, merely
pottting the whole lot together into bigger pots. They are desperately
slow-growing and seem to resent disturbance. I have a singleton of B.
radulosa grown from seed collected in 1997, and obviously potted up early in
its career. It is much smaller than seedlings of my own collection from the
same population in 2002, which are still in their sowing pot, but are twice
the size. They are now just going dormant. I will pot-on the whole lot
together into a deep pot just as they come back into activity next spring. I
think it is particularly important not to damage the roots and it may be
that in a small pot the single bulb dries out too much in winter & the roots
shrivel, whereas the larger volume of compost in the community pot doesn't
desiccate so much.

John Grimshaw

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> Hi all - I have some first-year seedlings of Brunsvigia radulosa and B.
> grandiflora, both summer-rainfall bulbs.  In the greenhouse (and I gather
> in nature as well) they seem inclined to keep their leaves into the
> but of course they aren't actively growing.  When is the best time to
> these out of their community pots and move them up?

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