Advice on Pancratium maritimum

Carol Jensen
Sat, 19 Nov 2005 14:33:03 PST
At 12:43 19-11-2005, you wrote:
>I have a large bulb of Pancratium maritimum which we found lying on the 
>surface of the sands last year at the beach at Xerocambos in Southern Crete. 
>  I brought it home with me to draw and paint in all its growth stages, so I 
>potted it up on the surface of local sand from the beach.  It didn't do 
>well, so I removed it to draw and then left it in my studio.  This Autumn I 
>noticed that it was producing a shoot, so I have now repotted it in a deep, 
>narrow terracotta pot once again in sand from the beach where the plants 
>grow.  This time I planted it fairly deeply - up to the neck of the bulb.  
>The new shoot has died off and it isn't producing any new growth.  Someone 
>please help!!!! I really want this bulb to do well.  I keep the pot on our 
>roof terrace which faces this the problem?

Well, on the wiki it says it will grow well in ordinary garden soil. Then there is a section in French that says that P. maritimum is not rustique (robust) and succeeds only on the coast.

It doesn't get very cold, you know, around the Mediterranean in winter. About 60F as I remember. So perhaps yours would be more happy indoors, depending on where you live.


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