An Allium to eat?

James Waddick
Wed, 02 Nov 2005 17:09:57 PST
Dear All (Esp Mark the Onion Man);
	A common spring vegetable esp in NE China is called (perhaps 
locally)"One-Bulb Garlic". As sold in the market the bulbs are mostly 
an inch or less in diameter and nearly spherical. They are sold in 
their white husk or skinned. When prepared for eating they are sliced 
and fried most often as is or with a couple other vegetables. Their 
flavor is mildly garlicy, very rich and delicious.

	I recall seeing them in foliage once-rather coarse grey-blue 
green sparse foliage.

	Oh, and as the name suggests, each bulb is a single rounded clove.

	Any name pop up? Is this available in the US?

		Thanks 	Jim W.

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