Nerine sarniensis -> K2SO4

James R. Fisher
Mon, 07 Nov 2005 08:00:10 PST
arnold trachtenberg wrote:
> Brian;
> I had seen the SRGS Bulb Log and tried to find the sulfate of potash 
> product.  All I was able to find was muriate of potash after an 
> extensive search.  Anyone out there in the US know of a source please 
> forward it long to me.
> Arnold 
Arnold and others in the eastern US:
Espoma ( in New Jersey (!) makes both KCl (0-0-60)
and K2SO4 (0-0-50). Why both, I can't imagine. Easily found in local
garden centers (around here, at least).
Jim Fisher
Vienna, Virginia USA
38.9 N 77.2 W
USDA Zone 7
Max. 95 F [36 C], Min. 10 F [-12 C]

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