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>  Jim;
>I looked at getting the de Hertogh  book the price tag scared me off.  I
>am sure it has all the info one would ever want on growing bulbs.

There is a lot of info on "The Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs" by 
Goldblatt et al, in previous catalogues by John Watson, in most I. B. S. A. 
Bulletins, in P. B. S. wiki or the printed catalogues of Silverhill Seeds. 
Detailed information on the type of soils the individual species grow in the 
wild in, exposure and approximate hardiness in the wild. All this 
information is very different to the standard methods for producing massive 
quantities of hybrid tulips, daffodils, muscaris, etc., by the Dutch bulb 
For instance, I. B. S. A. specialists researched with lots of practical 
experiments that Cape bulbs and corms resent very much the effect of 
phosphorous that is a poison to them. There are countless instances of other 
kinds of bulbs that grow under very precise soil conditions. Jim Shields is 
right in that with time most growers move more and more into using leaner 
mixes searching for the ideal drainage conditions that would suit most 


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