End of Crocus season

Burger, Steve Steve.Burger@choa.org
Thu, 17 Nov 2005 07:05:22 PST
I'm awaiting the return of my C. laevigatus too.  This will be the first
returning season since planting them and I'm not certain if they are
happy with my climate or not.  I sure hope they like my home, I bought
more this year although I have no idea whether or not they will return.

This is truly a great time for any plant to bloom.  Right behind them
last year bloomed my C. korolkowii, anther Crocus I'm not sure will
return.  Last year I had the former for Christmas and New Years and a
bit into January, the latter popped up with the last fading laevigatus.

I sure hope they do the same again.


Hot Wet 7b in Georgia, USA

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The crocus season does not end so abruptly on the Pacific coast as in
Waddick's Missouri garden. After about a week of frosty nights here, 
crocuses are still attractive in the garden: C. speciosus (near the end
its bloom), C. ochroleucus, C. cartwrightianus, C. goulimyi, C. medius,
serotinus, and C. hadriaticus all recover well after temperatures of
28 F. In the bulb frame there are many others, some of which will 
eventually be trialed outdoors. SOon C. laevigatus (which has been 
surprisingly hardy in the open) will begin blooming.

The frosty nights are accompanied by clear days, unusual in the Pacific 
Northwest at this time of year, and the fall color is especially good
year. Among the fallen leaves, various Arum species are pushing up their

foliage, and the tips of some daffodil leaves are showing above ground. 
Some of the Narcissus cantabricus and N. bulbocodium forms have 
well-developed leaves already. The fall-flowering narcissi were 
particularly good this year; perhaps they enjoyed the minute boost of 
moisture they got when being repotted around the end of July.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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