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If I were growing only two Agapanthus (Heaven forfend) the first choice
would have to be A. inapertus 'Graskop' for its fabulous darkest blue
pendulous flowers: an orgasmic plant. As a deciduous species it should be
hardy in Zone 7. The other choice would be more difficult, with so many
fabulous recent cultivars available in different shades, but I have loved
'Loch Hope' since I first bought it from the Savill Garden in 1983. As a
tall blue it is perhaps superseded, but it is completely hardy, flowers in
September on tall stems, and has an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal
Horticultural Society, so I'm not alone in admiring it. It would have to be
the second choice. I expect the two would hybridise...

For a Zone 7b climate you would need to grow only deciduous cultivars, such
as the Headbourne Hybrids and their derivatives. It's the evergreen ones
that are less tough. The Headbourne Hybrids are amazingly tough & ought to
have disproved (at least so far as the UK goes) the absurdly persistent myth
of the tenderness of all Agapanthus. Earlier this year I saw a great
planting of them in Northumberland, in the north-easternmost corner of
England, a cold part of the world, that had been planted in the open border
over 40 years ago by Lady Grey, and still flourishing. Mabel Grey was the
sister of Lewis Palmer (of Headbourne Worthy, raiser of the Headbourne
Hybrids), so she had original material. If buying Headbourne Hybrids, go for
named clones, not the dross available as seed or seed-raised plants.

John Grimshaw

Dr John M. Grimshaw
Garden Manager, Colesbourne Gardens

Sycamore Cottage
Nr Cheltenham
Gloucestershire GL53 9NP

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> If one could only find room to grow two of these plants, which two would
you choose?  Clearly this is an opinion question, but I'd love to hear what
folks have to say.  I woul like the following considered in the answers;

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