climate and agapanthus, Chicago area

Adam Fikso
Wed, 16 Nov 2005 09:01:42 PST
Well, I thought I'd add my bit to the climate cum soil cum humidity grid. 
This morning, Nov. 16, the temperature is 29 F. indoor humidity is about 50; 
snow in granules fell last hour, my soil varies substantially. from one site 
to another depending on wht I'm trying to grow  Basically it's a clayey 
loam, (prehistoric shore of Lake Michigan), amended with lots of gypsum, 
and/or, leaves,and coarse sand.  I have a hymenocallis caroliniana upa nd in 
active growth and I'm waiting to see if it dies from the freeze (projected 
tenmps of 23 F tonight). I have one  agapanthus in the ground still which I 
will leave there (variety unknown), a number of other tropical bulbs that 
came through last year's two days of zero F. temps sited within 2 feet of 
the house foundations.  Others (crocosmia and crinum) are and will be big 
question marks as they are further away from the foundation.  I will bring 
in all my arisaema and Zantedeschia  first-year seedlings and risk them in a 
few years.

I'd be interested in which agapanthus (named varieties?), if any survived in 
Idaho.  MIght work for me, too.  Does anybody have survival information on 
any Agapanthus named varieties, but particularly Jack's Blue, Timaru or Loch 
Hope at extended periods  below freezing? 

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