Climate (once again), Humidity

Susan Hayek
Wed, 16 Nov 2005 11:30:42 PST
>Having grown up in the Washington DC suburbs, I can state from
>personal experience "that's not humid." With emphasis. Try 95%,
>esp. when coupled with a temperature (in Fahrenheit) not too
>far different.

**I understand that 95% humidity at 95F is humid, but I am really 
interested in knowing what is a 'humid' climate. Where is the line 
drawn? When the books say something needs to grow in a humid climate, 
what is the definition?

>Maybe humid isn't quite the right word; "steambath" is perhaps
>nearer the mark.

**Yes, 95% and warm is a steambath.
On moist days here, even when we don't get above the 80's we think 
it's humid especially after working outside in it.
But, we're no spring chickens. :-(

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