Slightly OT Spuria irises

Burger, Steve
Fri, 11 Nov 2005 19:01:51 PST
Thanks for the validation:)  I would figure that most plants sold by bulb merchants would fit your description and the primary area of interest for the frequent readers here.  Frankly, when I'm looking for advise (or more often, encouragement), especially when google dries up for me, I hit the few forums/listserves I frequent and look to the one(s) closest to the specialty of which I'm inquiring.  

This forum suits me best for most herbaceous plants, although I do try not to stray too far from plants with some sort of storage structure, bulb, rhizome, tuber or what have you.  I put the OT as a courtesy for those who don't want to read about something that may not fit a more rigid interpretation, although I've never been made to feel as though I have strayed too far on this mailing list.

Thanks again!


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Dear All;
	I can't help myself, but....

	I do not think that Steve is at all OT (Off Topic) bringing 
up Spuria Iris. These are exactly the sort of plant we discuss here. 
Their dense storage organ (rhizome) is modified to tolerate periods 
of extended drought. They act, for all intents, like a "bulb" in our 
sense of discussion topics.

	We have often veered off into certain species or forms that 
fit into pbs even though the entire genus may not be quite so 
bulbous. I certainly think discussion of 'tuberous' Delphiniums is OK 
and Herbaceous peonies is applicable here, while herbaceous 
delphiniums and woody peonies are less appropriate. Many genera fit 
this flexible 'bulb definition even though the entire genus is not 

	OK, Steve ask some more.		Jim W.
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