the old Peruvian daffodil; share

Susan Hayek
Thu, 10 Nov 2005 19:00:06 PST
At 4:05 PM -0500 11/10/05, Dell Sherk wrote:
>I used to grow a "Peruvian daffodil" that I obtained from an old gardener. I
>too grew it for a good 20 years and it offset like crazy. I'd lug the
>immense clumps into the basement each fall and plant them out in rows in
>spring when they would bloom all together in about two weeks and provide me
>with luxurious bouquets of cut flowers with heavenly scent. I got lazy and
>needed the space anyway and let them and my tuberoses freeze the year before
>last. I distributed a mixture of the hymenocallises/ismenes that I grew, on
>the BX a few years ago. Does anyone remember/have any to share with us?

**Gosh, I'd like some of these too. Hopefully the people who got 
these from the BX are having good luck with offsets.

susan hayek, North Coast of CA, USA, zone 9b, Sunset zone 17.
15 miles south of Eureka, CA, overlooking the Eel River, with a peek 
of the ocean.

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