Merrill Jensen
Tue, 15 Nov 2005 09:25:45 PST
Hi Sheri,

The soil that I had in Idaho was some of the worst around.  Very heavy clay
with a pH of 8.2.  I used a lot of compost and broadcast sulfur to lower the
pH.  I was never able to get the pH below 7.6, but that was low enough to
change any chlorotic plants back to green.  Our water also had an elevated
pH, so it was an ongoing battle.  I would mulch any of my marginal plants
with shredded leaves from the neighborhood and keep my fingers crossed that
it wouldn't get too cold.  My agapanthus never thrived like they do here in
the Bay Area, but they grew none the less.  Another challenge in gardening
in SW Idaho was the beastly summer heat.  It would be bone dry and 90 + from
mid-June to mid-September...  I hope that helps.  Where are you at?


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Hi, can you describe the growing conditions and any mulch or over wintering
techniques you used when you were in zone 5b/6a?


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