BX & Membership: PayPal

JENNIFER HILDEBRAND theotherjen88@msn.com
Mon, 07 Nov 2005 15:36:48 PST
Hi all,

I just wanted to send a quick note to encourage you to try out the PayPal 
option if you have not yet done so.  I find it quick and easy - faster than 
writing a check, and I don't have to rely on my faulty memory to record the 
transaction in the check register.  PayPal is especially attractive for our 
international members, since it can be difficult to get US $$$.

A quick update, however: please send payments to theotherjen88@msn.com.  If 
you use the other address (the yahoo address) the payment will go to my 
personal account.  Then I have to make a payment to the PBS account, and we 
pay fees twice.  So, again, the correct account is THEOTHERJEN88@MSN.COM.

Thanks for your continued support of PBS!  Let me know if I can answer any 
questions for you.

PBS Secretary

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