Nerine sarniensis

Susan Hayek
Sun, 06 Nov 2005 19:26:37 PST
At 7:39 PM -0500 11/5/05, J.E. Shields wrote:
>Arnold, we heard it from Sir Peter Smithers in the old [BULB] list. Sir
>Peter has said that he is convinced that feeding any of the broad-leaf
>Nerine varieties releases latent viruses, which can decimate a collection.

**Interesting. I don't know how fertilizing can 'release latent viruses'.

>I'm not willing to test it by actually fertilizing some of mine. Anyone
>else want to volunteer to test Sir Peter's hypothesis?

**I fertilize all my nerines, with a weak solution, whenever I think about it.
I also water them year round and they live outside in pots. Temps get 
down to around 32F for a couple of weeks.
We'll see if they survive this year.

Beginner's luck?

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