Crocus laevigatus 'Fontenayi'

Burger, Steve
Sat, 19 Nov 2005 06:31:13 PST
Does this happen to others or just me?  I send a message to PBS and it doesn't show.  I resend it and all is well.  I confirm that I sent it in sent items and I confirm the address.  

It also happens that I will occasionally see replies to messages that I didn't receive.  What's up with this?  I know my E-mail server is working properly, I do IT for the company I work for and this is their account.  I never have issues receiving mail, or sending it for that matter.


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> How much prior to bloom time should I expect the foliage of this plant to show?  I have 1 year plants and plants purchased this year and the ones I planted this fall are up, but the others haven't come up at all.  I'm not prepared to "write off" the one year plants yet, particularly since most of my fall plants came up late this year, and have been erratic in behavior, but I must say that I am concerned.  This is such a great plant, I will be very disappointed if this is a one shot plant for me.
> Steve

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