Kathy Stokmanis vikingdoc@earthlink.net
Tue, 29 Nov 2005 13:12:33 PST
Thank you for all of the responses.  Actually, I haven't lost any daffodils yet--except for a few with virus that were promptly disposed of.  I posted the question because I want to avoid losing any.  Every year I add more cultivars but I have read in a number of places about daffodils simply not naturalizing like they used to.  To me daffodils are the ultimate perennial, easy care bulbs and I was saddened to learn that this is no longer the case.  Still, any hints are welcome.  I am lacking detailed information, such as 'Goose Green and Dreamlight...have division 9 genes...poeticus cultivars'  provided by Linda Wallpe (thank you).  I also thought many (not all) daffodils fared well in hot, dry summers but I learned differently.  Again, thank you.

Sierra foothills, Northern California, where there is a 'Daffodil Hill' about 70 miles south of me that I have yet to visit.  More 'refined and unusual hybrids' are on their way to me right now but I have sought out some species to leaven the mix.  Perhaps I will have my own Daffodil Hill someday.  Rainy, 49 degrees F, winter is finally here.

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