granite grit

Angela and Dean Offer
Tue, 08 Nov 2005 19:48:44 PST
I was sceptical about granite grit and dust , but if you have backbulbs of
cymbidium orchids, you just stick them halfway into a pot of the stuff and
they are 95% guaranteed to grow ( even though it sets like cement).
from a sunny spring day in Albany, Western Australia (lovely t-shirt
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> < soil scientist enquired if my pot's top dressing was granite gravel.  It
> is (grower and developer grades of chicken grit) and he mentioned the fact
> that there was no wonder I didn't need to feed micronutrients because all
> the plants need are made available in the right quantities from the top
> dressing.>
> At the risk of sounding like a complete moron, I really have to question
> above written by
> John Lonsdale, last evening.  And my apologies before hand when someone
> proves to me why this can be so.
> How can micronutrients be derived from granite grit?  Especially in a
> growing season, or even 10 growing seasons for that matter.  I can maybe
> it if using a sandstone grit, if there is such a thing.
> All the granite I've ever come across has been an extremely hard rock and
> not inclined to erosion or break down in which micronutrients would be
> released, at least not in my life time.
> Scientifically I am a moron as defined in any dictionary, however this
> really stuck in my mind and I would like to learn how it is possible,
> especially in the case of granite.  The bag of granite grit #2 that I just
> picked up has been well washed and there is very little granite dust which
> could be the source of micronutrients, but even then what would it take to
> break down the granite dust to release those micronutrients?
> I had to ask, I've been wrong before and can only stand to learn something
> when proven wrong!
> Linda
> Okotoks, AB
> Canada
> BRRRR!  Snow is here to stay for a bit, the cold frame is almost packed up
> for winter, lets hope a deer
> doesn't walk through it!
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