niger; rejected messages

Tue, 01 Nov 2005 07:54:05 PST
--- Jim McKenney <> wrote:
> No, Arnold, because it would be spelled Nijer, the
> way the modern
> "sanitized" packaging for niger seed goes.

i have heard the country of Niger (and the river for
which it's named) pronounced both NYE-jer or nee-JER,
but i haven't heard it with a hard G yet.  

someone i know, a tropical fish wholesaler in canada,
had messages returned because servers automatically
rejected them for containing the words "Rio Negro"
appended to a fish species, rio negro being where they
are from in the amazon.  

i understand people can be sensitive to some words. 
recall sometime ago that a DC gov't official used the
word "niggardly" in his talk and people were upset? 
the word itself comes from scandinavian and has no
connotation of black at all.

tsuh yang

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