Slightly OT Spuria irises
Wed, 09 Nov 2005 16:24:47 PST
Most Spuria are 3' to 5 ' tall.  Unless you have purchased dwarf  Spuria.  
They like to stay where planted for a long time,so give them  plenty or room to 
grow. Plant them about every 4 feet.   Like all  plants they like good 
drainage.  They can take a heavier soil, even clay,  maybe a bit alkaline.  They are 
pretty easy to grow.  Make sure they  have ample water through the winter 
months, but after bloom they don't need much  water during the summer months. .  
Some of them stay green all year but  most go kind of dormant after bloom, the 
leaves turn brown and should be cleaned  off.  New growth is going strong at 
this time of year.  They do form  large clumps but do not need dividing often 
like the bearded iris do.  They  are said to be heavy feeders but mine thrive 
on neglect.  You probably  know, they resemble the dutch iris in appearance.
Which ones did you get and from which hybridizer?
Carolyn in Los Gatos CA with lots of iris

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