Onion Juice

Theladygardens@aol.com Theladygardens@aol.com
Wed, 02 Nov 2005 21:25:07 PST
In childhood ( long time ago) we were given onion juice as cough  medicine.
More interesting, my husband actually had diphtheria as a very young  child.  
His family  lived in the country on a farm.  His 2  older brothers were sent 
running miles to every farm they could reach bringing  back every ones supply 
of onions.  These onions were juiced and force spoon  fed to him non-stop for 
a couple of days and he was cured of the  diphtheria.  When modern doctors 
hear this, they can't believe he is fine,  had no ill effects from the 
Carolyn in zone 9, Los Gatos, CA

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