Hippeastrum seeds

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Sorry to pick up on this one so late.

How deep are those trays illusstrated?  How long do the seedlings stay in 

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>I found many articles in the web which pretend that floating is THE common
>and practical method for sowing the papery-foiled seeds of amaryllid's
>It seems that this numerously glorified method is becoming the amaryllid's
>cultivation myth of the new century.
>I disagree and oppose against this method, which involves a
>tedious/laborious/cumbersome procedure in the very moment when the 
>have to be transplanted into a solid medium.
>I tried floatin' - once; (regardless to being already against my 
>The germination rate was good, but not better than in FRESHLY prepared coco
>peat substrate prepared from coco bricks. And the transplantation was
>terrible, exactly as I had expected. No, never again.
>No one who has to sow hundreds or even thousands of hippeastrum (gardener's
>amaryllis) seeds per anno can honestly recommend this method nor can he
>practice it- he will get crazy.
>I sow into freshly recontituted coco peat substrate, and  I put every 
>seed, one beside another with blunt tweezers into slits formed with a 
>This is the most accurate and yes, rather rapid method.
>Now, as the kids have already fallen into the sink I recommend a very
>carefull transplantation of the floating kids - pardon: Seedlings - into
>freshly prepared coco peat substrate without any further additives. The box
>should preferably have numerous drainage holes and further include a THICK
>drainage layer of expanded clay bullets or something similar. When the
>seedlings are all into then the substrate should be thoroughly but 
>be watered with a fine hotspur. At least the surface of the substrate 
>completely dry out between the subsequent waterings, and watering - with
>lukewarm water and diluted fertilizer every time - should be very thorough
>again. I recommend a volume which is roughly equivalent to the total
>substrate volume including the drainage layer (!)
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