micronutrients from granite.

Linda Foulis plantlady@beautifulblooms.ab.ca
Wed, 09 Nov 2005 12:18:33 PST
Hello Adam and all,
I'm not arguing the fact that micronutrients can be and are derived from
granite.  What I don't understand is why  one would use granite grit in
particular for that purpose.  I'm thinking of the time frame.  Would you not
get more soluble micronutrients from using a sand, a green sand, oyster
shells, or for that matter even egg shells in a much more reasonable time
Just a thought, I'm just trying to understand why granite would be used
specifically for it's micronutrient value.  How long would it take for my
nutrient tester, which measures in ppm, to measure a change in the nutrient
level of a glass of water and granite grit?

Linda Foulis
Okotoks, AB

Still puzzled but eager to learn more.

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