Wiki Speed and Changes

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 12 Nov 2005 07:57:43 PST
Dear Carol,

The speed of the wiki does seem to depend on how many people are accessing 
ibibilio. When there is a lot of traffic, it can be slow. It's much better 
than it used to be and ibibilio adds capacity regularly.

I hate to tell you, but as far as the wiki goes, it is never finished! 
There are pages that have had more than a 100 revisions since they were 
created. The photographs and information page has been changed 315 times. 
Sometimes it is just a correction or simply the change of moving a picture 
into a subdirectory, but new text and pictures are being added all the time.…
shows the bigger changes that have been made…
shows all the changes that have been made. Sometimes this page shows big 
changes too as which one of these a change is shown on depends on the box 
that was checked when the wiki page was changed and I expect a lot of 
people don't pay attention to that box and just leave what the default is. 
So this url is the one I look at. If the person has written what they have 
done when they changed the page, then you will know whether you want to 
look at it.

We are glad that you have found all of our hours of work useful.

Mary Sue

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