siting giant Crocosmias

Janet Galpin
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:31:59 PST
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> >From: Diane Whitehead <>
> >
> >I have a collection of crocosmia hybrids which have leaves that are
> >about knee-high and stand up nicely.
> >
> >I also have C. masonorum and Lucifer, both of which cause problems.
> >The leaves are as tall as I am, and if they were growing in good soil
> >instead of my sand, they would probably be even taller.  They are
> >also wide, bright green with prominent ribs.  Very handsome, but a
> >real problem, as they don't stand up at all.  They lie over the
> >ground, covering pathways and suffocating whatever is beneath,like my
> >orange-leaved heuchera, which I uncovered today, leafless.
> >
> >It seems a shame to compost such healthy plants.
> >
> >Any suggestions for making them stand up?  More sun?  Corsets?

My Crocosmia Lucifer isn't too bad  for flopping over but I also have C.
paniculata which is even taller and flops badly particulrly late in the
season after it has flowered, perhaps becuse it's not in full sun.

I have been looking at mine each weekend and wondering whether it would
weaken the plant and cause non-flowering to cut down the foliage now.
It's still green and healthy looking but lying horizontally across
everything else in the bed.

Does anyone else cut down their C foliage before it turns brown?

S. Lincs, UK

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