Wintering Hymenocallis

James Waddick
Tue, 08 Nov 2005 14:00:07 PST
Dear All;
	The only Hymenocallis I have grown is the old Ismene/ Yellow 
Queen or whatever.
	Winter care is easy- pull them up and throw them in the basement.
	But due to the generosity of various folks including readers 
of this list, I have 4 different more traditional Hymenocallis from 
Tropical Giant down in size. All have been in pots and standing in an 
inch of water. Last week a light frost tipped all the foliage. Now 
they need some more serious winter care.

	Can I let these dry off totally?
	Just keep the pot frost free and not water?
	Do they need any light?
	Appreciate recommendations from cold climate growers. What 
works the best?

		Thanks	Jim W.
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