Gardening in the Pac NW, was Crocus kotschyanunus ssp. kotschyan

Brook Klehm
Sun, 16 Oct 2005 12:04:40 PDT
Thanks Rodger and Jane for sharing your experiences,
  	I will be landing in Seattle proper for the first year, during which 
the plan is to get acclimatized and familiarized with the local climate 
and microclimates.  After which, the plan is to put down roots in the 
"perfect" location.
	I feel a bit self conscious asking for advice and personal experiences 
from the board at large since so many participants reside in other 
locations and climates, but would love to get further input, especially 
from Seattle area residents.
	Squirrel control: does that include putting wire mesh over bulbs 
planted in the ground?  Other interventions?
	I know nothing of Narcissus flies, having only made their acquaintance 
on this board.  I'll have to do some research in those pesky critters.
	Oh, and yes, I am the male version of Brook.

Thank you!!		Brook

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