Climate zones

John Bryan
Fri, 28 Oct 2005 08:45:41 PDT
Dear All:

Many thanks to all of you for your comments on Climate Zones. Lee
Poulson your comments were much appreciated, thanks. Roger Whitlock's
remarks were also to the point, and I liked his remarks about being
precise and assuming nothing, just how far are you Roger from the coast?
Jamie Vende stating the zone maps are to be used as a guide only, I
think is correct. But perhaps the most startling news was from Tony
Avent saying a new map was in the works, while I read a lot, I had not
heard this before. Tony, is there a link where we can find out more
about this? For some reason I did not receive the paragraph about this
with your message. Jim Shields remark regarding the temperature being
lower in the country, than in the town was quite thought provoking. It
made me wonder if being close to a major thoroughfare also had an

I do think the climate is warming, but surely this has been going on for
many years. Way back when the Thames river ( Roger I refer to the Thames
in London, England, comprising parts of the counties of Kent, Middlesex,
Essex and Surrey and a few others) used to freeze over and people walked
across the Thames, this in the 17th ad 18th centuries. The ice was
several feet thick. 

All who made comments I thank, I do feel such comments as were made,
have been, at least to me, beneficial. Why did I ask? I have to lecture
in Kansas City, Zone 5, and as I have spent the last 20+ years of my
life in California, I had to think about which species I mentioned and
various factors, found in a garden, north side versus south side of
structures, if the sun hit an area early or late, and other such
factors. I am still wondering is soil heating cables could be used
effectively in an open border. Cheers, John E. Bryan

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