Angelo Porcelli
Fri, 07 Oct 2005 10:39:29 PDT
Lee, thanks for the useful links but I need to make a few more precisation.
Apulia is the longer region of Italy and climate isn't uniform moving from north to south and especially from sea to inland.
Localities like Monte S.Angelo and Foggia are very inland and cold. I live close to Bari anyway, just on the sea. The sea belt has a different microclimate and temps are a couple of degree (1F) higher than that table, which values are taken from Bari airport (inland). Ok, it's not a matter of a degree more or less, but we do have in July temps over 90F regularly (was 113F some years ago !) but speaking of averages in long term (i.e 30 years) these odd values are smoothed from the cool summer like the past one, which has been a kind of British one !!

I do keep the winter growing species in partial shade (deciduous plants), the ones in pots, otherwise I will end to find a cooked bulb if they were in full sun ! This especially for smallish pots (5-6 in.) where nerines grow.

I have now Nerine Quest in full bloom, while Rushmere Star, Purple Pince, King of Belgian, Canasta are sending scapes just now. I can't force to flower them earlier than late September and only the corusca will wake up first. Afterglow will flower later, as its bowdenii parentage seems to me more dominant than sarniesis. My sarnensis hybrids grow leaves together an even before sending out the scape. At this time I give them a 15-9-15 fertilizer, and a second time in early spring. I leave them to natural rains and let them to rest in summer without waterings. After half August I water them deeply one time to trig flowering and some weeks later they start the new cycle.

hope this help

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