Fall Crocus

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sat, 15 Oct 2005 15:30:39 PDT
Dear all;
	I have a very brief fall crocus season. Only the earliest can 
bloom before frosts get too seriously freezing. Right now Crocus 
speciosus 'Conqueror' is in full bloom, but the weak perianth tube 
means flowers fall over quickly. I love the color and large flowers.

	Crocus banaticus has just started and I like the odd form and 
good color. This is a very reliable bloomer for me in light shade 
near hostas and multiplies well. Even self sows a bit. Some newly 
acquired C. b 'Alba' have yet to show, but non -blooming plants 
appear later. Finger crossed. Any other cvs of this crocus?

	I am anticipating Crocus sativus this fall. I was given over 
a hundred bulbs a couple years ago and they should put on a good 
show. I hope to see them in another week or 2 at most.

	Colchicums are few and almost done.

	1 or 2 weak Sternbergia, and a few Cyclamen herderifolium 
round out this fall season in the rigors of the midwest.

	Best	Jim W.
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