Ipomoea pandurata

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Sat, 29 Oct 2005 12:25:03 PDT
Remember the picture of wild potato-vine that I posted earlier this 
summer?  Well, I wanted to go back to get seeds for the BX.  Unfortunately 
that area is now closed to the public for the next 6 months to allow bow & 
arrow hunters to cull out the deer which are overpopulated and endangering 
countless plant species.

Happily today I found another spot of wild potato-vine near the local high 
school.  I collected a bunch of seed pods and will sort through them later 
today to pick out the good seeds.  (This species is prone to insect 
attack... I'm guessing verbena bud moth... so a lot of seeds will have a 
big hole in them.)

While exploring the grounds I also found 2 species of Asclepias (1 was a 
vine) and 1 species of Apocynum.  All of which I will add to my garden.

Are Passifloras geophytes?

Dennis in Cincinnati

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