Climate zones

John Bryan
Fri, 28 Oct 2005 12:19:07 PDT
Dear John;

Thanks for your e-mail. With solar panels I think such could be used for
soil cables and save on electricity. Thus the installation would cost a
little, but the sunlight is free! I am sure such will come to pass, if
not already here, and be used to raise vegetables and fruit. Such is
much used in California for various signs, and one sees them along the
freeways all the time. There are also certain tax advantages in using
sun panels as efforts re made to save fuels. Cheers, John E. Bryan

John Grimshaw wrote:
> John Bryan asked about soil-warming cables in the open ground, which always
> sounds like wonderful luxury. I have come across it only once, in the garden
> at Waltham Place, a mile or so from where I write in Maidenhead west of
> London. The owners are the Oppenheimers, of De Beers fame, so they can
> afford it: just a shame they only grow hardy plants in those beds! (Canna &
> Tradescantia pallida, both of which in recent years at least can be regarded
> as hardy hereabouts.)
> John Grimshaw
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