Geoffrey Barnier
Fri, 14 Oct 2005 12:13:31 PDT
I wasn't exactly overwhelmed with 
responses on the proiphys however I have been busy helping it self pollinate 
as best I can with only the one umbel.

Kind Regards
Ron Redding

Hi Ron,

I acquired my first Brisbane Lily (Proiphys Cunninghamii) in July after searching hard for some time along with a Cardwell Lily (Proiphys amboinensis).  Both are rather scarce it appears so it is no surprise that you weren't overwhelmed with responses.  I sadly found it was easier to acquire these Australian natives in the USA than their home country.  I live in the part of Australia from whence the Brisbane Lily stems but it is now unknown by the locals & unobtainable from the local nurseries, even the specialist Native ones.

You are further down the track than me as my Brisbane Lily bulb came with one leaf and did nothing for a couple of months.  I potted it & placed it on the North veranda in the shade.  It sent up another leaf and then immediately an umbel.  I want the seeds too so I am in the same boat as you.  Life wasn't meant to be easy for just before the flowers opened, a bug ate through about half the umbel at its base. Now protected with a barrier of drain-pipe & industrial strength insecticides, it has bloomed.  I will have to try to help it along as you are doing or, indeed, could we swap pollen?

It is my Proiphys amboinensis that I am concerned about. My very expensive bulb has done nothing since planting. It came with all leaves & roots cut off & I fear it may have been butchered by the grower.


Geoff Barnier
Nimbin, Northern Rivers, Sub-tropical NSW, Australia

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