Alberto Castillo
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 15:55:08 PST
I wonder what part did I miss????
I have reread both of Rodger's messages and can not find what subject would 
have offended an adult in 2005. Perhaps the one concerning death camass and 
"wild turnips"? Bulbs of both are very different, both in shape and in 
appearance (the tunics are very different). Or was it the reference to human 
urine?  This may be unheard of to many people but at considerable dilution 
it is a powerful ferilizer. And have been known for eons. Liquid manure is 
something common too. Very commonly used in organic gardening. C'mon, 
people, do not be so touchy. I think Rodger mentioned the subject very 
naturally and without any intention to offend anybody.
Sorry to hear of this


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