Foto: Agapanthus inapertus

Thu, 20 Oct 2005 14:00:47 PDT
 I was searching through my photos for a good shot of Bomarea hirtella and came across this shot of Agapanthus inapertus, a seedling I recently bloomed.  I am particularly taken by the drooping blossoms and have started another batch of seedlings as well as adding a new Dutch cultivar with very deep blue blossoms.  Unfortunately I did not photograph this plant before the rains damaged the flowers.  Next year, I promise.…

A. inapertus is currently enjoying popularity in Europe and many new selcections are poised for mass introduction in the next few years.  As far as I know, this species always blooms very late in the season, typically in the Autumn.

Jamie V.
Zone 8

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