Saffron - rejected messages

Diane Whitehead
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 17:26:03 PST
Some internet watchdog programs are indeed unnecessarily sensitive. I 
had to edit a message describing a garden in Istanbul because a New 
Zealand library couldn't receive it as originally posted.  One of the 
trees mentioned was the black mulberry, Morus nigra.

I think it is mainly trees that are named with this offensive word: 
Betula, Fraxinus, Juglans, Populus, Quercus,Salix, Sambucus, Pinus. 
(oh, that reminds me - we had a problem with the last-named also).  I 
can't think of any bulbs considered black, so I guess we don't have 
to resort to what Victorian books did - Ornithogalum n___.

		Diane Whitehead

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