Nerine bowdenii-getting them to bloom before frost
Thu, 06 Oct 2005 08:03:46 PDT
In a message dated 10/6/2005 10:44:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
question growing in the soil out in the garden or
are they in pots? 

Both.  I am moving to NC in the spring so have been potting up all sorts of 
plants to move.  In August I popped a bunch out of bowdenii out of the ground 
and left the rest of the clump in situ, disturbed by the fork.  Oh, I also 
removed all foliage at the time.  These are seedling grown plants from two 
different batches of seed from the low altitude populations.  My plants from the high 
altitude seeds are still in pots and are not of blooming size.
Mark Mazer
Intarsia Ltd.
Gaylordsville, Connecticut 06755-0142

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