World Climate Information (was: Re: Amarine question)

Jim McKenney
Thu, 06 Oct 2005 17:44:34 PDT
Thanks, Lee, this is great.

Now I can see that Washington, D.C. compares in terms of maximum summer
month temperatures to such areas in Apulia as Foggia, Gioia del Colle, Lecce
and S. Maria di Leuca. And I see that there are locations in Apulia which on
average are cooler in the summer than here.

Angelo, what are you near in Apulia? 

Lee, you're right! I may get lost in this. 

Jim McKenney
39 degrees N, 77 degrees W and currently so warm, humid and muggy at 8:43
P.M.  that the sleeping will be rough tonight. 

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