Jane McGary
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 09:32:54 PST
You're welcome, Jim McKenney, for the Sativi series crocuses from my list. 
It's true that I did not offer the rare and endangered C. moabiticus, and I 
probably never will, but I have it -- grown from one of the few seed 
collections, by Michael Salmon in the early 1990s -- and still have 4 of my 
5 original seedling corms, which are showing signs of decline now. It has 
set seed here, and I've sent both seeds and corms to some specialists, as 
well as growing seedlings from 3 different years. Although its flowers are 
narrow and not as large as some members of the series, it is strikingly 

All members of this series set seed readily here despite their late 
flowering (there were honeybees in the bulb frame yesterday, a sunny day 
sandwiched between two rainstorms), and all seem to be easy to raise from 
seed, which can be obtained from the NARGS exchange or the Archibalds, 
among other sources. In the open garden, C. cartwrightianus, C. asumaniae, 
C. pallasii, and C. hadriaticus are dependable, and I'm now trying C. 
oreocreticus in the rock garden.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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