Jim McKenney
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 11:23:00 PST
Alberto has mentioned the de Jager company.

As I recall, they were in South Hamilton, Massachusetts, "they" in this case
being the American branch of the business. There was also a branch of the
business in the UK. The American branch of the business closed down several
years ago. Is the British branch still in business?

Alberto, I too have wonderful memories of the de Jager company. I visited
their packing shed in Anna Paulona in the summer of, I think, 1972. I think
they were astonished to get a visitor at that time of year. Old Peter de
Jager took me around, showing me the facility and sneaking out some bulbs
for me to take home. I remember that he looked into one bag of tulips on the
storage shelves and said to me " that's not what that is" - on the basis of
the appearance of the bulbs!

De Jager must have been one of the first companies from which I ordered
bulbs as a teenager. Over the years they were my introduction to Crocus
longiflorus, Iris susiana, Pleione, tulip Louis XIV, Crinum x powellii
album, Fritillaria persica, the sublimely beautiful bizarre tulips such as
Black Boy, Colchicum x agrippinum, my first juno irises (these were sent
packed individually in little boxes as I remember, as were the Fritillaria
imperialis), the bronze Dutch iris Le Mogul, the regeliocyclus iris hybrid
Chione, several of the big Allium - I could go on and on. I have photos of
most of these to remind me of those happy days. 

And Crocus imperati de Jager is still available as a reminder of this fine

Jim McKenney
Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 7, where I still have the Crinum
x powellii I obtained from de Jager back in the '60s of the last century. 

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