Propagate Neomarica

Millie Burrell
Wed, 05 Oct 2005 15:57:17 PDT
Without sounding like an advertisement, I will sing the praises of rooting gel over talcs and liquids here and everywhere.  I use Rootech, which I've bought from Worm's Way.  I've had amazing success with it.  Especially if you are interested in rooting roses.  Some varieties/genotypes can be really difficult to root.  I've tried it on the ones people bemoan and voila! new rooted plants.  I haven't tried it on a bowling ball yet but I'm almost convinced roots would appear :)  The thing about the gel is that it is actually absorbed by the plant tissue.  Rootech is an IBA-based gel.  I've seen others with an IBA/NAA mixture but haven't tried them.

Also, leaving your plantlets attached to the mama is a great idea.  They'll receive water and nutrition from mama while they form their own ability to take up their own water and nutrients.  But for quick rooting, I'd still go on and wound them a bit and gel them.

Good luck.  Have fun, Millie

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