Crocus k. kotschyanus var. leucopharynx and C. karduchorum; was: RE: Crocus kotschyanunus ssp. kotschyanus 'Reliance'

John Lonsdale
Mon, 24 Oct 2005 12:10:23 PDT

Crocus k. kotschyanus var. leucopharynx is not an isolated 
clone but seems to pop up from time to time in various 
seed raisings.  The one you identified correctly in my web 
site image is just a seedling that appeared amongst a 
batch of other wildlings of more normal form.  That's not 
to say one form wasn't originally selected and bulked up 
and sold as such, or as C. karduchorum.  There is no 
excuse for the latter but I know nurserymen listing it as 
that right now.  They only recently changed from listing 
Cyclamen hederifiloium as C. neapolitanum!


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