Propagate Neomarica

Millie Burrell
Wed, 05 Oct 2005 14:48:50 PDT
I thought I'd add that if you lightly scratch the basal end of the offshoot and dab some rooting gel on it before sticking it in a ½ peat: ½ perlite mixture, you'll have even better success in rooting.  By a slight injury to the epidermal layer, you will accomplish two things: 1) auxin flows downward in the plant (auxin is the hormone that stimulates rooting) and 2) the new cells that form at the injured site will be callus cells that are non-differentiated and are easily coerced by that application of auxin in your rooting gel to form roots.  


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>>> TalkingPoints@PlantSoup.Com 10/05/05 3:21 PM >>>
Can anyone give me instructions for propagating Neomarica from the  
plantlets that form at the tips of flowering stalks?

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