Alberto Castillo
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 12:04:03 PDT
Hi Linda:
            I have grown all six species of Dietes in the past and five now. 
This is roughly zone 9 b in winter and zone 10 in summer with year round 
rains. Dietes can take slight frosts that dry off the leaves' tips. They are 
incredibly resistant to drought and can be used as groundcovers around 
trees. They can be grown in full sun and also in the deepest shade although 
they seem to do better with half day sun. Most are supposed to come from 
forests' edges. They respond to good waterings and the flowering season can 
well last for seven or more months. The flowers are produced spasmodica-lly, 
in flushes, hence the common name of "fortnight lily". As for the cycle, the 
foliage is evergreen but it differs from species to species in shape and 
color. As soon as the weather gets warmer in spring the plants start growing 
new fans and increase in size until late autumn/winter. Not being geophytes 
and having fibrous well branched roots they resent being lifted. Propagation 
from fresh seed is incredibly easy, germination being 100% (or over!). Seed 
germinates scattered on the ground without having to be covered. Germination 
seems to be better under low light conditions.

All the best
Buenos Aires

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