Babiana villosa

Myke Ashley-Cooper
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 11:23:25 PDT
Well, John, if you are ever out this way again, please give me a couple of days warning so that we can accommodate you at!
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  I heartily agree - this is a stunning plant. Saw it on road verges there
  last year, its bright red flowers (maroon is too dull!) easily visible from
  the car. But seeds should be gathered only when fully ripe and about to
  fall, if local regulations permit.

  John Grimshaw

  Dr John M. Grimshaw
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  > At the east end of the village that I live in, Tulbagh, South Africa,
  there is a stunning endemic maroon Babiana villosa which apparently only
  grows in this tiny area. Must I wait until the seeds are fully ripened
  before harvesting them or can they be picked green?
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