Alberto Castillo
Wed, 19 Oct 2005 17:08:30 PDT
Dear Mary Sue and Jamie:
                                    With many kinds of plants seed freshness 
is of paramount importance. Just to give an example, Albuca seed obtained 
from PBS germinates in a 100%. From other sources germination may be 0-1%. 
Dietes seed shows the same problem. When scattered about the parent plants 
tiny plants come up everywhere. And it seems the embryo dies off rapidly. 
This is also typical of many species of year round rainfall regions of South 
                                     As for my methods of germination I have 
mentioned them on a number of occasions. I use a very gritty mix and do not 
cover the seed for two weeks, watering abundantly during this period. Once 
the two weeks are over I cover the seed with grit (coarse perlite or coarse 
pumice would be equivalent) and germination takes place rapidly from then 
on. Of course, if the seed is dead nothign could be done


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