Rodger Whitlock
Mon, 31 Oct 2005 08:40:19 PST
On 30 Oct 05 at 20:40, Jim McKenney wrote:

> Saffron is grown commercially in nearby Pennsylvania, in I
> think Lancaster County. I have not priced this "home grown"
> saffron, but I've heard that it compares in price to the
> imported sorts. 

I've read that the Pennsylvania Dutch actually grow C. 
nudiflorus, not C. sativus. I may be misstating the correct
species it is, but my mind has a connection [Pennsylvania 
Dutch]:::[stoloniferous crocus].

And further: that the traditional site is by the back stoop
where the farmer can piss on the patch of bulbs, thereby
encouraging them; and that established clumps go for fancy 
prices at farm auctions.

Sorry, like so many other glittering items in my packrat's nest 
of a mind, I haven't a clue where I read this. Perhaps Brian 
Mathews or Bowles books? Or maybe Patrick Synge's Collins Guide 
to Bulbs?

I hope the farmers are restrained in their ecologically sound
recycling of human waste: I once killed a beautiful specimen
of Hosta 'Royal Standard' by thus fertilizing it too
enthusiastically and that spot seems to have been permanently

Rodger Whitlock
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