Phaedranassa, Stenomesson & Co.
Mon, 17 Oct 2005 11:14:47 PDT
Thank you Mary.
My question is simplier: may I grow them assuring not less than 32°F in the winter nights? I usually heat and I have a minimum just over 0°C (=32°F).
My regards.
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> Hi,
> I don't think anyone has answered Alberto about the hardiness of these 
> bulbs. I only grow Phaedranassa and understood it was not very hardy and 
> grow it in my greenhouse which we do not heat unless we have an unusually 
> cold night. A friend had Phaedranassa planted in her garden in Santa Cruz, 
> California and I remember wondering when I saw it if that was wise. She 
> lost it the next year when it got colder than usual. I don't know the exact 
> temperature was in her garden so can't convert it to metric, but I believe 
> it was in the low twenties (F.)
> Mary Sue
> Mary Sue Ittner
> California's North Coast
> Wet mild winters with occasional frost
> Dry mild summers 
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