Climate Zones.

Roy M. Sachs
Thu, 27 Oct 2005 11:30:46 PDT
>Dear All:
>I wonder what your opinions are about the USDA Climate Zones. I also
>wonder why such zones cannot be linked with our zip codes, or postal
>zones. Would they not then be better defined? Cheers, John E. Bryan

John:  ZIP codes won't get it all done re climate, though that kind 
of max/min, heat unti stuff would be of help to people in other time 

I've seen citrus and rice "boundary" lines drawn for Yolo County (in 
CA where Davis is located) that go right through some ZIP codes; I 
know that apricot and some other fruit trees have narrow zones for 
optimum performance (although I haven't seen the boundary lines I'm 
sure they cut out parts of some rural ZIP codes).

And the lines defining soil type, which for some of the things I grow 
would be as important as microclimate, run right through neighboring 
farms. I have.pure potter's clay over 20 acres,.but a neighbor across 
the road has some porous mix deposited by eons of slough overflow as 
well as pure clay.


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